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About the Project

Defend yourself against the torches and pitchforks of outrageous fortune — with golems!

Anything can be an ingredient. Stone. Flesh. The very clouds in the sky. Take what you need from the land, throw it into your cauldron, and turn it into unstoppable creations to terrify all who oppose you.

But be quick! You only have a minute or you’re dead.

Welcome to Golem Creation Kit: The most fun you’ve ever had dragging and dropping.

Inspired by games like Papers, Please and Doodle God, GCK pits you in a race against the clock to defeat the angry mobs that want to burn you out. Grab virtually anything — sand dunes, animals, buildings, mountaintops. Then throw them in your cauldron, melt them down, and turn them into unstoppable engines of pixellated 16-bit terror!

Featuring rich, retro pixel graphics, colourful characters, a cunning story with humour and drama in spades, many secrets to uncover, and an enchanting soundtrack to match, Golem Creation Kit is an experience you don’t want to miss.


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